About Us

Welcome to MedicSurplus. We are so glad you are here!


MedicSurplus is an online medical supply store based in Nigeria. With customers and distribution stores in major parts of the country. We source and buy quality health supplies and sell them directly to you.


We have learned a few things over the years about the dangers of low-quality products and the negative effects it has on people.


So, we decided to do something rare with MedicSurplus by proffering an easier solution for the safety of our clients.  We are committed to providing convenience, reliability, and safety when supplying health products for our clients; based on a well-orchestrated quality assurance process.


We believe in making these supplies more accessible and affordable to our esteemed clients and distributors while striving to reduce the rate at which fake products are being sold to ensure a healthy world where we can all live.


Find what you love, and you can order it online.


We will deliver it to the place of your choice at an agreed fee. Or you can stop by our office and pick it up. But hurry, because we have limited products.


Thanks for stopping by.